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A Gold Standard Punjabi Raw Text Corpus

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1,01,25,770 Words |  2,470 Tittles | XML  format | 5 domainsPunjabi is the principal and administrative language of Punjab. Punjabi is not only spoken in Punjab but in India, it is also a language of Lehnda Punjab in Pakistan. Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language. This same the Punjabi language is being written in two epigraphs, in Gurmukh..


Punjabi Raw Speech Corpus

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101:09:28 Hours | 65.5 GB | 467 Speakers | 76,230  Audio Segments | 48 kHz | 16 bit wav. Punjabi is one of the Indo-Aryan Language. Punjabi is a tonal language it has three tones, high-falling, low-rising, and level (neutral). As we know Punjabi is not spoken only in India it is also a language of Pakistan called Shahmukhi Punjabi. He..

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