Malayalam Raw Speech Corpus

Malayalam Raw Speech Corpus

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164 hours; 43670 segments; 458 speakers 
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Dataset Description

164 hours; 43670 segments; 458 speakers 

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala and Laccadive Islands. It belongs to the Dravidian language family.  According to the formation of Kerala and the language of Travancore, Cochin and Malabar regions are influenced by different internal and external factors so LDC-IL considered Malayalam has three specifically different varieties, thus collected speech data from Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

LDC-IL has 164 hours Malayalam speech data. The LDC-IL Malayalam Speech data set consists of different types of datasets that are made up of word lists, sentences, running texts and date formats.

Approximately 15 minutes speech (per speaker) has taken from 231 female and 227 Male native speakers of different age groups. Each speaker recorded these datasets which are randomly selected from a master dataset.

Corpus details:

    • Total 458 speakers (231 Female and 227 Male.)
    • 43670 audio segments
    • 105 gigabytes of .wav  files and Metadata .txt Files
    • 164:01:02 hours of speech data

A much more detailed explanation of the Malayalam Speech Corpus will be available in the Malayalam Speech Data Documentation. 

For any research based citations, please use the following citations:

  • Ramamoorthy, L., Narayan Choudhary, Saritha S.L., Rejitha K.S., Sajila S. & Midhun P. G. 2019. Malayalam Raw Speech Corpus. Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.
  • Choudhary, Narayan, Rajesha N., Manasa G. & L. Ramamoorthy. 2019. “LDC-IL Raw Speech Corpora: An Overview”  in Linguistic Resources for AI/NLP in Indian Languages. Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.  pp. 160-174.

Item specifics

  • Authors Ramamoorthy L., Narayan Choudhary, Saritha S L, Rejitha K.S., Sajila S, Midhun P G
  • Corpus Type Raw Corpus
  • Catalogue Number 1143
  • ISBN 978-81-7343-242-2
  • Data Source On Field
  • Duration 164:01:02
  • # of Audio Segments 43670
  • Release Date 04/04/2019
  • Terms and Conditions General instructions for use of the resources provided by LDC-IL.
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