A Gold Standard Telugu Raw Text Corpus

A Gold Standard Telugu Raw Text Corpus

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Standard Telugu Text Corpus of 30,10,993 words|859 Titles|Data and Metadata in XML format | 6 Text D...
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Dataset Description

Standard Telugu Text Corpus of 30,10,993 words|859 Titles|Data and Metadata in XML format | 6 Text Domains |

Telugu Text Corpus encoded in a machine readable form and stored in a standard format. The major encoding being used is Unicode and stored in XML format. The data is embedded with metadata information. The corpus has been created from contemporary text in typed and crawled methods. LDC-IL Telugu Text Corpus size is 30,10,993 words drawn from 859 different titles. The six major domains are Aesthetics, Commerce, Official Documents, Social Sciences, Mass Media and Science & Technology.

  • Aesthetics- 1,687,968 words - 56.06% of corpus
  • Commerce- 45,130 words - 1.50% of corpu
  • Official Documents - 6,708 words - 0.22% of corpus
  • Social Sciences- 841,429 words - 27.95% of corpus
  • Mass Media - 14,656 words -0.49% of corpus
  • Science & Technology - 415,102 words -13.79% of corpus


Telugu is a highly agglutinative and morphologically rich language. The actual pattern of language use in natural texts reveals the evidence of language trait.  Government of India set up Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages to help those who endeavor in language development field. LDC-IL Telugu Text Corpus developed according to various factors such as quality of the text, representativeness, retrievable format,  size of corpus, authenticity etc. For collecting text corpus LDC-IL adopts a standard category list of various domains and a prior set of criteria. The corpus of Telugu text can be broadly classified as literary and non- literary texts. Huge amount of literary texts are available in Telugu but scientific texts are less thus LDC-IL attempts to develop balanced text corpora of Telugu. Data has been collected from books, magazines and newspapers and it is verified to true to the original texts then stored.

A much more detailed explanation of the Telugu Raw Text Corpus will be available in the Telugu Text Corpus Documentation. 

For any research based citations, please use the following citations:

Item specifics

  • Authors Ramamoorthy L., Narayan Choudhary, Thirupal Reddy C, Ganga Raju H, Sajila S
  • Corpus Type Raw Corpus
  • Catalogue Number 1172
  • ISBN 978-81-7343-271-2
  • Data Source Typed+Cleaned
  • Character Count 24914821
  • Word Count 3010993
  • Release Date 04/04/2019
  • Terms and Conditions General instructions for use of the resources provided by LDC-IL.
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